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What Is “Informed Consent” In A Medical Malpractice Case?

Informed consent is a very important process within medical settings. It is a process in which the patient and doctor interact and communicate about the procedure or treatment that is going to take place. The physician is required to provide the patient with the necessary information in order to understand the scope of the proposed treatment or procedure. When informed consent has not been granted, it can amount to a medical malpractice. This is some essential information that must be explained to the patient: The treatments or procedures description The purpose that the treatment or procedure is taking place The… Read More

How To Protect Yourself And Your Rights After An Automobile Accident

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are rampant and you can be involved in one. This SPECIAL REPORT has been prepared to answer some questions that our clients have been asking and to enable you avoid some pitfalls that have been found to cause unfavorable resolutions of some automobile claims. It is a summary of some actions to take and/or avoid if you find yourself involved in an automobile accident. Stop Your Automobile Immediately After an automobile accident, stop your vehicle immediately, do not block traffic and take all reasonable steps to avoid another collision. Generally, a Police Officer will arrive not long… Read More

How To Get The Compensation You Deserve After An Auto Accident

After an auto accident in the state of Maryland (and many other states), you may have one or more claims depending on whether the accident was your fault or not. Generally, if the accident was not your fault, you may have three claims. The first would be your property damage claim if your vehicle was damaged. The second would be your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim if you did not waive this when you bought your policy. The third claim you can make would be a claim for personal damages against the liable party, or an Uninsured Motorist Claim against… Read More

Divorce In Maryland: Know What To Do And How To Do It

Introduction Divorce is a legal way of terminating a marriage. Although due to its sacred nature marriage is not always viewed as a contract, in a legal sense, it is actually a civil contract. Unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last, and divorce may be sought for a variety of reasons. Some may be due to extraordinary situations, while others may result from the parties’ “growing apart”, or with mutual consent. Whatever the case, for a legal marriage to come to an end, one or both parties must engage the legal system (not necessarily the same one that established… Read More

Alimony And Family Use Property Before A Final Divorce Hearing

Alimony Pendente Lite Alimony pendent lite is a monetary award made by the Court pending the outcome of a divorce action. It may also include a reasonable allowance for attorneys’ fees for prosecution of the divorce action. The purpose of pendent lite alimony is “to maintain the status quo of the parties” so the spouse seeking alimony will not suffer financial hardship pending the final resolution of the divorce proceedings. The sole object of a pendent lite alimony award is to provide for food, clothes, habitation and other necessaries where the requesting party does not have the ability to provide… Read More

The Basics Of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage In Maryland And Why You Should Never Waive It

The goal of this Special Report is to provide you with a basic overview of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage in Maryland, and explain why it is not advisable to waive this coverage as part of your automobile insurance coverage. Therefore, after reading this report, you should know what PIP is, who and what is covered by PIP, how PIP can be waived(knowingly or unknowingly), and why it is not advisable to waive this part of your automobile insurance policy. PIP Coverage PIP is a part of most automobile insurance policies in Maryland. Under Maryland law, PIP is required unless… Read More

Tips For Stress-Free Driving-In Los Angeles

Whether you plan to visit Disneyland, the Grammy Museum or an iconic eatery, when you go to Los Angeles you will have to drive. Considering the distance between attractions and the scarcity of public transportation your best bet is a car rental. Los Angeles is in the top five cities ranked for the worst traffic. There are seven tips you can follow to making your experience a lot better. Take the surface streets whenever possible. The distance may be longer but considering the freeways often resemble parking lots it will also be much faster. Renting a car with a GPS… Read More

How To Find Competent Legal Representation For Your Car Accident

A car accident can pose a serious threat to your finances, job, and health because there is a claim that must be sought after, to render your loses. An accident can cause severe emotional distress based on the extent of your injuries. Motorcycle accidents are often times, fatal because there is far less protection on a bike. You should never try to fight the insurance company, the accused, or the courts on your own. A legal professional can help fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve in the event that you been involved in an accident.… Read More

How Do People Go Missing On Cruise Ships?

A mysterious and chilling issue that occurs on cruise ships is the notion of missing persons. It is astonishing when one looks at the statistics of the number of people who have just vanished or gone missing from a cruise ship. Sadly, missing persons on a cruise ship is a reality that happens to many individuals. It is quite disturbing to have a loved one go on a cruise and never disembark from that same cruise because they have just vanished. How is that possible? How can a person just vanish from a cruise ship or go missing? Despite the… Read More

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