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Is Alimony Or Spousal Support Awarded In Every Divorce Case?

No, alimony, or spousal support is not always awarded in a divorce case. In fact, generally speaking, the award of alimony is rare, depending on the type of alimony. There is rehabilitative alimony and permanent alimony. But in most cases, alimony is not awarded. If both parties were working and receiving an income, it is generally hard to achieve alimony. Many times, alimony is awarded to enable one of the parties who was disadvantaged by the relationship, for example, because they were staying home and taking care of the kids while the other was working. Most judges would give rehabilitative alimony rather than permanent alimony. Permanent alimony is rare.

When Does Alimony Typically Begin?

It depends on the type of alimony. If it is temporary alimony, that is while litigation is going on. What happens while the case is pending, they may need to give one party money, which is temporary. That is temporary money. That ends once the case is over, and the order has been entered, except if it is extended. Rehabilitative alimony is usually given, or comes with a court order. It is usually given for a certain period, and the goal is to enable the party who is disadvantaged by the breakdown of the relationship, because they were taking care of the kids, or not working.

Permanent alimony is forever, with certain conditions.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Family Law Cases?

This one is very tricky, because family law cases are very emotional. We inform our clients, and look at their cases from both the legal angle as well as the humane side. If there are children involved, and we find it necessary, we will refer them to other professionals, such as counsellors and other issues. We work closely with our clients.

Of course, we maintain our general procedures of informing them, and explaining each step. We make sure that they understand that this is something that they are not coming here to fight, but to resolve all these issues. We ensure that our clients understand that we will rigorously represent them and go to court if necessary, but if the matter can be amicably resolved, we encourage that.

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